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OM 0102

UYARI:"Fiyat İsteyin" uyarısı olan ürünleri de sepetinize ekleyip sipariş verebilirsiniz. Siparişinizden sonra biz listenizdeki ürünleri fiyatlandırıp size tekrar gönderiyoruz.

Nudo Werzalit Single School Desks (PPC chair)

Table: Werzalit
Order Pipe Thickness: 25-32x50x1,5 mm.
Chair Pipe Thickness: 16x40x1,5 mm.
Seat backs: PPC
Paint: Electrostatic Polyester
Paint Thickness: 80 micron
Lugs: adjustable floor
Werzalit table surface, and the access is made from PPC.

Compact table top: the sun and water resistant hard material which is compact, waterproof, scratch resistant and does not yıpman because it is a material can easily use in interiors and exteriors.

PPC (Polypropylene Copolymer) has been produced from raw materials.
ORTHOPEDIC (Proposal is Ortopedisy those curves in the backrest)
Ergonomic. (It is not slick)
Quick ILIMIT (warmer in winter, cool in the summer)
It is flexible. (Do not bother with long-living)
UNBREAKABLE. (Long Life and Impact Resistant)
Anti carcinogenic. (The paint used in the health sector)
Our product is a healthy development of growing children was produced by Mind The world standard.
Our products feature the spinal cord Orthopaedic Storage With right by the curvature of the spine supported in the backrest Soller.